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"Yoruba" by Autumn Eckman State Street Ballet Photo by David Bazemore



THE UNIVERSITY OF IOWA, Iowa City IA. (May 2017)
M.F.A. in Dance Choreography, Iowa Arts Fellow Recipient

Professional Study:
Houston Ballet Academy (1992-1996) Full Scholarship Recipient
Atlanta Ballet (1987-1992)

Somatic Study:
Atlanta School of Massage- National Certification in Clinical/Neuromuscular Therapy


Assistant Professor of Dance (Fall 2018-Present)
Visiting Professor of Dance (Fall 2017-Spring 2018)

Teaching Assistant (Fall 2015-Spring 2017)



Giordano Dance Chicago
Assistant Artistic Director (2012-2014)
Artistic Associate (2009-2012)
Director, Giordano II (2009-2014)


The Cambrians (2013-Present)
Ron De Jesus Dance (2010-2015)
RPM Productions (2013-2015)
Lucky Plush Productions (2009-2010)
Hubbard Street Dance Chicago (2007-2009)

Luna Negra Dance Theater (2006-2007)

State Street Ballet (2004-2006)
Giordano Dance Chicago (2000-2004)
Cangelosi Dance Project (1996-2000)


Chicago Dances presented by The Cambrians
This Story Is No Longer Available (December 16, 2017) Hairpin Arts Center, Chicago IL.
Choreography & Performance: Autumn Eckman
Premium Blend: The University of Arizona Fall Series
And Sorry I Could Not Travel Both, Choreography & Performance: Autumn Eckman (Fall
Screen Dance Films: Space and Time, Directed by Sam Kessie (2017)

Druzhba, Directed by Demos (2017)

Russian Guitar Festival (Spring 2017) guest performer with Vadim Kolpakov
Ritual to the Sun- from Acts of Light by Martha Graham
Martha Graham Dance Festival, Joyce Soho (2017)
Edinburgh Fringe Festival Edinburgh, Scotland (2016)
Double So Low, Choreographer: Autumn Eckman
Bates Dance Festival: Different Voices
Double So Low,Choreographer: Autumn Eckman (2016)
Sardine Choreographer: Autumn Eckman (2015)
Iowa Dance Festival Iowa City, IA (2016)
Caras de Amor, Choreographer: Eloy Barragan
Chicago Dancing Festival Chicago, IL (2014)
As Above So Below, Choreographer: Ron De Jesus
Colorado Dance Theater Greeley, CO (2012-2014) The Nutcracker
DanceWest Ballet Naperville, IL (2012-2014) The Nutcracker
Chicago Festival Ballet Naperville, IL (2013,2014) The Nutcracker, Sleeping Beauty
Danzloop Chicago Chicago, IL (2013)
Eggs for Dance Chicago, Choreographer: Paula Frasz
Grand Rapids Opera Grand Rapids, MI (2012)

Amahl and the Night Visitors, Choreographer: Shawn Bible
Chicago Dance Crash Chicago, IL (2011)
Immediate Gratification, Choreographer: Paul Christiano
Northwest Ballet Ensemble Schaumburg, IL (2000-2013)
The Nutcracker, Peter Pan, Snow White
Dance For Life Chicago, IL (2000-2015)
Annual Benefit Concert, Choreographers: Randy Duncan and Harrison McEldowney
Dance-Forms Productions (1998)
Vienna Spring Festival- Vienna, Austria
Youth Theater- Kaunas, Drama Theater- Vilnius, Lithuania

GRADUATE PERFORMANCE (The University of Iowa)

Annual Dance Gala (Fall 2016)
Helios, Martha Graham master work
How It’s Made by Jennifer Kayla
M.F.A Graduate Event (Spring 2016)
Double So Low
Faculty Graduate Concert (Spring 2016)
And Sorry I Could Not Travel Both
Who's On First
24+24 Composition Concert (Fall 2015, Fall 2016)
UI Dance and International Writing Program Collaboration
Free Haikus Written in Seattle (Fall 2015)
MEGAmist(c)ake (Fall 2016)
UI Graduate/Undergraduate Showcase
MEGAmist(c)ake (Fall 2016)


RESIDENT CHOREOGRAPHER: Giordano Dance Chicago (2009-2015)
Moving Sidewalks (Spring 2015)
Mist (Spring 2014)
G-Force (Fall 2013)
remount: 2017

JOLT (Spring 2012)
remount: 2013, 2014
Alloy (Fall 2011)
remount: 2015
Sanza (Spring 2010)
Yes...And! (Fall 2010)
remount: 2012, 2015
A Little Moonlight (Fall 2010)
Commonthread (Fall 2009)
remount: 2015,2016,2017
*All works premiered at the Harris Theater for Music and Dance, Chicago IL.
ARTIST-IN- RESIDENCE: State Street Ballet
Electra (2017)
Premiere: UCSB Dance Theater
Scheherazade Premiere: Granada Theater
(Fall 2014)
Celluloid Heroes
Outreach Project for The James Irvine Foundation’s Exploring Engagement Grant (Summer
Premiere: Lobero Theater (Spring 2013)

The Nutcracker (2010-2013)


W&L Repertory Dance Company Lexington, VA
Commission for 2018 Season
Screen Dance Film Grande Pause in collaboration with filmographer Andre Yew
Premiere: State Street Ballet Gala- Gail Towbes Center for Dance
Screen Dance Film Space and Time, Directed by Sam Kessie (Spring 2017)
The Cambrians

This Story Is No Longer Available (2017)
Choreographed & Performed by: Autumn Eckman
Premiere: Hairpin Arts Center, Chicago, IL. (2017)
Trio(s) (2017)
Performed by: Benjamin Holliday Wardell, Christian Denice, Brandon Coleman
The Autumn and Jamy Show
Premiere: Preston Bradley Center, Chicago, IL. (Summer 2015)
Chicken Scratch
From “The Nexus Project With Ben and Michel” Premiere: Mana Arts Center Chicago (Fall
Missouri Contemporary Ballet
People, Places, Things
Premiere: Missouri Theater, Columbia, MO. (Spring 2016)
remount: 2017 at the Island Moving Company Dance Festival
May Or May Not
Premiere: Missouri Theater, Columbia, MO. (Spring 2012)
Big Muddy Dance Company
Premiere: Pageant Concert Hall, St. Louis MO. (Spring 2016)
Visceral Dance Chicago
Independence Day
Premiere: First Ward Events (Spring 2017)
Orange You Glad
Premiere: C5, Chicago, IL. (Spring 2014)
Wylliams Henry Contemporary Dance Company
Never Wake A Sleepwalker
Premiere: Johnson County Community College, Kansas City, MO. (Fall 2014)
Chicago Repertory Ballet
Of Alice
Premiere: Ruth Page Center For The Arts, Chicago, IL. (Fall 2013)
DanceWorks Chicago
Premiere: Ruth Page Center For The Arts, Chicago, IL. (Summer 2012)
Contemporary Dance South
Premiere: Manship Theatre, Baton Rouge, LA. (Spring 2011)

Nomi Dance Company
Mirrors Are Dangerous
Premiere: Stage 773, Chicago, IL. (Fall 2010)
Hubbard Street Dance Chicago
Thief Vs. Pirate
Premiere: Inside/Out Annual Event, The Dance Center of Columbia College, Chicago,
IL. (Spring 2009)
Inaside Chicago Dance
A Lot Like Love
Premiere: Ruth Page Center For The Arts, Chicago, IL. (Fall 2008)
At Face Value
Premiere: Ruth Page Center For The Arts, Chicago, IL. (Fall 2007)


Iowa Youth Ballet
Visceral Dance Chicago
Giordano Dance Chicago
Ruth Page Center For the Arts
Hubbard Street Dance Chicago
State Street Ballet/Gustafson Dance


Hualien Dance Theater (Hualien, Taiwan)
The Cambrians Atlanta Intensive
Visceral Dance Chicago
Atlanta School of Ballet & Dance
Arizona Jazz Dance Showcase
Stephens College Summer Dance
Iowa Dance Festival
The Cambrians Training Intensive at the University of Iowa

Bates Dance Festival
Professional Training Program
Young Dancers Workshop
State Street Ballet Summer Intensive
The Cambrians Chicago Summer Intensive
Missouri Contemporary Ballet
Big Muddy Dance Company
DanceWorks Chicago
Vitacca Dance Project
Chicago Academy For the Arts
Thodos Dance Chicago
Illinois High School Dance Festival
Illinois High School Dance Festival
Regional Dance Association- Midstates
Vitacca Dance Project Fusion Summer Intensive Houston, TX.
Giordano Jazz Dance World Congress- Point Park University, PA.
American College Dance Association Madison, WI (2012) Chicago, IL (2013)
Modern Technique
Florida Dance Festival
Chicago High School For the Arts
Hubbard Street Teen Intensive
Jazz and Modern Masters
Landance Conservatory Summer Intensive
Summer Dance Lab Intensive- Walla, Walla WA

GRADUATE CHOREOGRAPHY (The University of Iowa)

In Closure (Spring 2017) THESIS (Excepts)

UI Hancher Auditorium’s Inaugural Season Promotional Video
Disembodied By Metaphor (Fall 2016) Theories of Dance and the Body Final Project
The Variation (Fall 2016)
Independent Project: A Choreographic Response to Joe Goode’s 29 Effeminate Gestures
Burning Torch (Spring 2016) B.F.A. Solo, Dancer: Crystal Gurrola
Double So Low (Spring 2016) Choreography IV Final Project—Autobiographic Solo
There’s No ‘I’ In (Spring 2016)
Choreography IV Culminating Project
Who’s On First (Fall 2015) Choreography III
Culminating Project
24+24 Composition Concert
Collaborator/Composer: Jacob Simmons (Fall 2015) Collaborator/Composer: Joe
Norman (Fall 2016)
UI Dance and International Writing Program Collaboration
Free Haikus Written in Seattle Text by Yeo Feng (Fall 2015)
MEGAmist(c)ake Text by Chen Ko-Hua (Fall 2016)


Washington and Lee University
Yes…And! (January 13-15, 2018)
Stephens College
Hatched (2017)
The University of Iowa
The Cambrians Choreographic/Artists in Residence Program (2017)
University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point
Yes...And! (2015)
University of Chicago
Blink (2014)
University of Kansas
Yes...And! (2013)

Grand Valley State University
A Lot Like Love (2012), Unseen Symphony (2017)
Western Michigan University
Yes...And! (2010)
Part and Parcel (2011)


State Street Ballet Young Dancers
Chicago Academy For the Arts
Deerfield High School- IL
Stevenson High School- IL
Lakeshore High School Stevensville, MI
Douglas Anderson High School- FL
Oak Park River Forest High School- IL
Vitacca Dance Project-TX
Whitney Young Magnet School- IL

Youth America Grand Prix
Choreographer and Coach for solo classical and contemporary works


Kalamazoo MI Regional Education Service Agency Aesthetic Education and Research
Alloy (2013)
Revolving Doors (2016)
New Dance Partners Kansas City, MO (2013)

Partner: Wylliams Henry Contemporary Dance Company
University of Kansas Choreographic Fellowship (2013)


Detroit Dance City Festival
Sardine (2017)
Island Moving Company Dance Festival (2017)
People, Places, Things- Missouri Contemporary Ballet
Edinburgh Fringe Festival (2016)
Double So Low
Bates Dance Festival: Different Voices
Double So Low (2016)
Sardine (2015)
Bates Dance Festival: Professional Training Program Repertoire
Plastic Action (2016)
Mamborhumbacha (2015)
Moving Sidewalks (2013)
Dance In The Parks Chicago, IL
Annual Event (Summer 2012-2016)
Auditorium Theater’s100th Anniversary Festival (2015) Chicago, IL
Giordano Dance Chicago: JOLT
Dance For Life (2014) Chicago, IL
Giordano Dance Chicago: JOLT
APAP NYC- Giordano Dance Chicago
JOLT (2014), G-Force (2012),Yes, ...And! (2013), Commonthread (2011)
Dance/USA Conference (2014) Chicago, IL
Giordano Dance Chicago:Yes, And...!
Harvest Chicago Contemporary Dance Festival
Giordano II: Bhaava (2013)
Autumn Eckman Dance: From A to Be (2012)
Florida Dance Festival (2012) Tampa, FL
Giordano Dance Chicago:Yes...And!

Midwest RAD Festival Kalamazoo, MI
Western Michigan University: Part and Parcel (2011)
Giordano Dance Chicago: Commonthread (2010)
Regional Dance America Festival- Pacific: Gala (2006)
State Street Ballet Young Dancers: Reverie
Regional Dance America Festival- Pacific: Emerging Choreographer Showcase
State Street Ballet Young Dancers: Common Ground (2005), Summertime (2004)
Dance Chicago New Artistic Voice In Choreography (2010)
Dance Magazine Women In Choreography (2012)
Dance Magazine Best In Choreography (2012)
University of Kansas Choreographic Competition First Place Recipient (2013)
New City Chicago Publication Top Player in the Chicago Arts Scene (2014)
Women In Leadership Conference, NYC- Finalist for Gala Performance/Presentation
of ‘Sardine’ (2017)

University of Arizona Search Committee-Job Title- Associate Professor/Professor of Dance
Arizona Jazz Dance Showcase- Scholarship program panelist (2017)
DanceWorks Chicago- Professional Mock-Audition feedback panelist (2017)
University of Iowa- Graduate Committee for Curriculum Revision (2017)
Bates Dance Festival- Emerging Choreographers Feedback Forum (2016, 2015)
Iowa Arts Council- Scholarship for the Arts Panelist (2016)
University of Iowa- Graduate Admission Committee (2016, 2017)
Columbia College Chicago DanceMatters- An Intimate Conversation on contemporary ballet
and its social and cultural implications (2014)
University of Kansas Department of Dance- Professional Development (2013)
Raven Theater Chicago- Panelist: College-to- Professional Career Building (2010)

Chicago High School for the Arts- Inaugural Guest Panelist (2009)

State Street Ballet Outreach Project for The James Irvine Foundation’s Exploring
Engagement Grant This project engages community members of all ages through dance
classes and free performances to promote healthy self-expression and positive self-esteem and
to help community members connect in new ways. For this project, I choreographed a work,
Celluloid Heroes. (2016)
After School Matters After School Matters is a non-profit organization that provides after-
school and summer program opportunities to more than 15,000 Chicago high school teens each
year. I taught master classes in various dance styles for this program. (2010,2011,2013)
Dance For Life Dance For Life is an annual fundraising event organized by the Chicago dance
community. Dance artists unite to support those affected by critical health issues through
donation of their time, energy and artistry to the cause. Funds raised assist various
organizations dealing with HIV/AIDS and other health issue. I have been involved with this event
as a performer and choreographer. (2001-2015)
Silk and Stories Silk and Stories’ goal is to make viewers aware of the invisible crime of
intimate partner violence and of the challenges that survivors and victims of Intimate Partner
Violence face in the state of Iowa.
Fundraiser Performance for Recovery in Santa Barbara, Ca. November 11, 2017- A donation
performance to help with the recovery of dance education, director and stroke survivor Allison
Charlotte Dance Festival- Performance of ‘Sardine’ (April 2018)
Performatica- Pueblo, Mexico- Performance and presentation of “Sardine’ & master workshop:
Motion Tracking Through Ballet Technique (March 2018)
State Street Ballet- Modern Masters (May 2018)
Open Doors Dance Festival- Iowa City, IA: Intensive Master Faculty (August 2018)
Blackbox Theatre Festival, Plodiv Bulgaria (June 2018)

Pina Bausch Mature Artist Award Competition, Mexico City (August 2018)
Dance360 DanceWorks Chicago July 29 Masterclass and workshop contemporary dance
2019 Southeast Missouri State University Residency