“The blend of vocal music and dance was especially poignant in  
‘Mist’ (world premiere), by Autumn Eckman. The movement, as quiet as the sound of rain magically produced by the singers’ snapping fingers, was lush with elongated lines, reaching, stretching, beseeching, and effortless horizontal lifts.” 

- Lynn Colburn Shapiro; Giordano Dance Chicago Sings;

“This commissioned work by former State Street Ballet dancer Autumn Eckman melded strong classical and modern influences.” 

- Melissa Lowenstein Block; Review: State Street Ballet at the Granada Theatre (Scheherazade)

“Eckman has devised a galvanic work with a truly distinctive language, devising ingenious stage patterns.” 

- Hedy Weiss; Review of Yes, and… for Giordano Dance Chicago

“Choreographers may gravitate towards the coasts, but Chicago can claim some excellent dance makers too-and Autumn Eckman is one of them.” 

- Wendy Perron, Editor in Chief



“Eckman is a bright choreographic stylist, mixing solid design with color and sparkle.” 

- Sid Smith; Review of commonthread for Giordano Dance Chicago

“Eckman’s work had an open-hearted genuineness and a varied vocabulary demonstrative of the breadth of her experiences as a performer.”  

- Zachary Whittenburg; Review of commonthread for Giordano Dance Chicago

Copyright © Autumn Eckman

“Also part of the Giordano program will be Eckman’s hugely popular 2012 work ‘Jolt,’ a hypercaffeinated, rhythm-driven piece to music performed live by composer Evan Bivins and percussionist Matt Martin. 

“’I’m a huge coffee drinker,’ said the choreographer. ‘But the real source of ‘Jolt’ is my grandfather, who was a professional drummer with the precursor to the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, and was a huge influence on how I hear music. My father also was a drummer, and I got my first drum set at the age of 8. And one of my great treasures is a video made years ago with a camcorder that captures my grandfather and my dad playing percussion with kitchen utensils in my grandfather’s motor home in Florida.’” 

​- Hedy Weiss; Giordano Dance Chicago to Perform a Tribute to Lightness and Life